Miracles Happen Here – Kay

Rehab Story

Kay Billian had been fighting what she thought was a nasty infection for the past year. But, last September she took a turn for the worse. “I went into full respiratory failure and had to be intubated on my little boy’s first birthday,” remembers Kay. She was on a vent for 11 days and in the hospital for nearly a month.

“When I woke up I couldn’t even twist my head,” said Kay. All of her muscles had atrophied from her long hospital stay. Kay came to Roper Rehabilitation Hospital to get back up and moving. “I have a one and a two year old. I needed to get back to being their Mom.”

The rehab staff understood Kay’s needs as a mother and had her children visit for dinner every evening and allowed her husband to spend every night. “They even helped me make pancakes for my family in the Rehab kitchen – just like I do with them at home.”

The staff knew one of Kay’s biggest challenges was going to be caring for her children alone. “My baby weighed 19 pounds at the time, so the staff wrapped 19 pounds in a towel and had me try and hold it. I couldn’t even hold it for 10 seconds at first. But, today, thanks to the amazing care I received, I can run up and down our stairs holding both kids!”