A Hit and Run Changed Bryan’s Life

Bryan Washington

Bryan Washington was riding his bike on a warm evening.  He was only five minutes from home when a car came up and slammed him from behind. It was a hit and run. The car never stopped and Bryan lay seriously injured on the side of the road.

“After the impact, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I knew I was really hurt and I couldn’t move my legs. Luckily a cousin of mine came up on me and called an ambulance,” recalls Bryan.

Bryan’s spine was compressed. He had to have an emergency surgery that left him with no movement from the waist down. “When I came to the Roper Rehabilitation Hospital I could barely move my toes,” says Bryan.

Bryan was told there was a possibility that he would never walk again, but through his sheer determination and with the help of his therapists he started to make remarkable progress. “I remember when I took my first step, the whole staff were so excited. There was hugging and clapping and they rang the bell for me.  Every time someone on the Rehab floor does something spectacular they ring the bell for them.”

After 27 days participating in intensive rehab Bryan was able to walk again. “I still have trouble with balance, but I am doing much better. I am so grateful to the people at the Roper Rehabilitation Hospital,” says Bryan.