Bob is Ready for Golf Again After a Painful Accident


Robert InglettColonel Robert (Bob) Inglett was in Pinehurst, NC for a golf outing with his Citadel Class of 1959 when the accident happened. “It was the last morning and I was carrying my suitcases on the steps when my heel caught the riser, thrusting me forward,” recalls Bob. When he landed his knees were buckled underneath him causing both of his quadriceps’ tendons to rupture.

“When your tendons rupture you can’t stand, and I was taken immediately to the ER,” said Bob. He then rode back to Charleston with a friend, picked up his wife and went directly to Roper Hospital where he had surgery the next day.

After his surgery Bob went to the Roper Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his recovery. “My nurse Amy was ex-Air Force and I’m retired Army so each morning she would bring me coffee and we would have our wake-up reveille. I have nothing but praise for everyone up on the rehab floor, they were all great,” says Bob.

For three hours every day Bob completed intensive physical and occupational therapy. “The therapists made it their goal to have me walking by the time I went home and they completed it,” he says. Today, Bob’s recovery is ahead of schedule and he is looking forward to playing golf again soon.

“I credit my recovery to answered prayers and to the great care I received at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital,” says Bob.