A Stroke Took Brandi’s Speech

brandi's story

“Talk.” That was the one word Brandi Tamberlina 37 year-old mother of three could utter after a stroke damaged the part of her brain that controls speech.

“That was all she could manage—just one or two words at a time,” says Roper St. Francis speech pathologist Julie Weiss, who has been working with Brandi to rebuild her vocabulary, ability to express herself, and, most importantly, her independence.

Meet Brandi—and see how far she’s come in her recovery.

3 responses to “A Stroke Took Brandi’s Speech”

  1. Brandi is an amazing woman indeed and has a wonderful and supportive family. She has a road to recovery, but, I have no doubt she will make it!

  2. Brandi I will be praying for y’all. Y’all look great. Nice to see you are recovering and in good hands. I used to help baby sit your daughters with Heather. Caught y’all’s story in a magazine. I recognize Madison from almost 10 years ago! Y’all take care.

  3. Awesome story! It was great to watch Brandi’s progress! She is quite a woman surrounded by a strong family! So glad they chose RSFH for Brandi’s care!

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