Palm Scan Technology Provides Increased Patient Safety, Quality of Care

Palm Scan Technology

Healthcare is constantly changing, but two things will always remain top priorities: patient safety and quality of care.

The commitment to those goals begins with accurate patient identification. That’s why Roper St. Francis is the first health system in the Lowcountry to use PatientSecure®, a new palm vein biometric technology that’s helping us ensure the correct health record is used for every patient, every time.

The PatientSecure® system lets RSF identify patients anytime they visit one of our facilities by using harmless, near-infrared light to illuminate the vein patterns in hands. The data from the vein patterns is stored for reference and used during future RSF visits, which allows for quick and accurate patient identification.

It’s a simple and safe process. The short infrared light used in this technology does not give off heat, and it will not cause any discomfort.

It’s not uncommon for a health care system like RSF to have multiple patients with the same name, and maybe even the same middle initial and birth date. The new palm scanning technology helps eliminate risk, and most importantly it improves accuracy of patient identification.

As an added bonus, PatientSecure® technology gives patients’ protection against medical identity theft and insurance card sharing. It accelerates registration, decreases patient wait time, and puts a stop to duplicate medical records and overlays.

As healthcare continues to evolve, RSF continues to move on the cutting edge of technology. In this case, it’s as simple as holding your hand.

By Shane Ellis, Roper St. Francis Corporate Communications