A Chance for Tink to Walk Again

Tink walks with Exoskeleton

Tink was at the end of her day working as a line technician when she slipped from a utility pole. She knew right away something was terribly wrong. The fall had left her lower body paralyzed.

Tink never gave up hope that one day she would walk again. With a new incredible technology and help from the Spinal Cord Injury Clinic, Tink’s dreams are becoming reality.

Meet Tink – and hear her story. 

7 responses to “A Chance for Tink to Walk Again”

  1. Oh, how wonderful!!! You are looking like a pro already! Congratulations on this new technology to help you walk again! What an inspiring video!!!

  2. Tink! OMG Words cannot say how amazing this is. I can’t wait to see you walking. I’ve always had hope that something like this will come your way. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you walking on the beach soon!! RRH – you rock!!

  3. You are truly amazing! I was so moved by your compassion for your family in the midst of your situation. Keep the faith and the determine attitude! It will provide you with the continual strength to keep moving. You and the staff at Roper Rehabilitation Hospital should be so proud because you are all WINNERS.

  4. Tink, you are a hero to all of us! Bravo to you for your efforts to keep your leg muscles strong in order to hold onto the hope that you would indeed walk again. You rock girl and I wish you continued success!

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