My Surprise Pregnancy


When my little girl asks where babies come from my response will be simple, “Do not fall off your bike.” On a beautiful June morning I sped along a quiet road enjoying my customary Saturday morning group bike ride. However, four miles from home, a mishap in the pack sent me off my bike and onto the roadside.
Ouch! Fortunately I escaped relatively unhurt. All the same, a visit to the ER was necessary. Mount Pleasant Hospital’s ER staff saw me quickly and began the work-up I assumed would end in an X-ray. Never assume. Doc returned to deliver the surprise of my life, a positive pregnancy test!

After multiple previous losses, my confidence in having a family had begun to fade. News of the pregnancy left me simultaneously elated and fearful of another loss. While navigating these emotions, I found great support in Dr. Bullen of Mt. Pleasant OB/GYN. Knowing my history, Dr. Bullen followed my pregnancy closely, and kindly fielded my many questions and concerns.

My pregnancy progressed as a normal, healthy pregnancy. Soon I met all the practice physicians and, with each encounter, felt reassured. Additionally, Mount Pleasant Hospital provided support through classes and facility tours helping my husband and me prepare for our little one. Then, during an atypical February ice storm, my beautiful baby girl arrived. From a sunny June morning, to an icy February afternoon, the physicians, nurses and staff of Mount Pleasant Hospital and Mt. Pleasant OB/GYN provided quality care and support to both me and my baby. I will forever be grateful.

By Paula, a patient with Mt. Pleasant OB/GYN