Pat Yourself on the Back!

Sometime, hopefully many times, in your life you have praised someone for a job well done, but when was the last time that you told yourself that you did a great job? Your own self encouragement is just as important, and one could argue more important, than anyone else’s. So, try to treat yourself like you would a best friend.

Push Yourself to Move: Using positive thoughts and phrases like, “Go for it” or “No one does it better than you” can keep you on track and help you get through the slump during your day or workout. You might find that you are less tired, and that you finish your day or workout energized and ready for your next challenge.

Feeling Down in the Dumps: When you’re feeling sorry for yourself use the power of words said out loud to remind yourself how lucky you are in life and in health. Everyone has something for which they may be thankful. Pointing out the positive instead of dwelling on the negative can boost morale and help you to accomplish your goals while keeping the peace with those around you.

Stop the Sugar Crave: Sugar is addictive; as addictive as cocaine. It sets off receptors in our brains that feel good when it is eaten, however it backfires and causes you to feel poorly soon after consumption. Try planning a snack to keep hunger at bay, this can help you avoid sugary snacks. If you still crave sugar, substitute a piece of fruit with a glass of water to help fill the void. Although fruit has sugar, it also has fiber which slows the absorption of sugar and makes you fill fuller longer without spiking your blood sugar levels too much.

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You’ll be amazed what the power of positive thoughts and words can do to keep you motivated.

Molly McBrayer, Clinical Manager Bariatric and Metabolic Services

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