Remembering a beloved volunteer on what would’ve been her 100th birthday

Muriel Stillman 03-09Cassandra Green loved Muriel Stillman, and Muriel loved Roper St. Francis.

Muriel was one of Roper Hospital’s longest serving volunteers with nearly 50 years of service. In 1958, Muriel helped found the Roper Hospital Auxiliary, which since has become the Volunteer Office.

Cassandra took care of Muriel for 12 years until Muriel passed away in April 2014.

Muriel would’ve turned 100 tomorrow, Feb. 13.

This would’ve been a big birthday for Muriel, and Cassandra wanted to do something special in her memory.

Cassandra had a cake made that read “In honor of Muriel’s 100th birthday!” written in pink; the volunteers used to be known as “Pink Ladies.”

Earlier today, the day before Muriel’s birthday, Cassandra dropped the cake off at the Roper Hospital Volunteer Office. Cassandra sweetly declined to be in any photos.

“This is about Muriel,” Cassandra said. “I was in awe of her. We had a friendship. It was never a job. I won’t be able to forget her.”