It’s Ok to Get Saucy

mustard sauce

While eating healthy is great for your waistline, it can be boring. But, don’t get discouraged. You can bring some zing to your healthy dishes by adding a fresh, home-made sauce. Mustard and yogurt are two great ingredients that you can spice up to add flavor and texture without a lot of calories.

Mustard Sauces

mustard sauceMustard comes in all different varieties from mild yellow to spicy, cracked pepper or Dijon. Combine the mustard of your choice with a good quality olive oil, and blend using a blender or food processor. The key is to get the mustard and oil to mix. Once mixed add a dash of vinegar and fresh herbs such as chives, sage or rosemary. A mustard sauce works well with chicken, pork, fish and beef or to dress up a salad or vegetables.

Yogurt Sauces

yogurt garlic sauceYogurt makes delicious, creamy dressings, marinades and sauces without breaking the calorie bank. Purchase a high-quality, no fat, plain Greek yogurt such as Fage. Mix in spices such as kosher salt, black pepper and herbs. Yogurt is versatile and works well with lamb, chicken, salmon, beef, vegetables and fruit. Making a delicious ranch dip/sauce is easy when using Hidden Valley Ranch powder and plain yogurt. Mix and it is ready for any meal or party.

Experiment and liven up your tried and true meals. Mustard and yogurt offer up endless saucy possibilities without the calories. Bon appétit!