Healthy Eating, Healthy Aging – Part 1

If we’re lucky enough, we will experience the aging process –it’s a fact of life. And if we’re proactive enough, we can age in the best ways possible. By adopting a healthy diet and a routine of being physically active, you can improve both how you feel now and lay the foundation for thriving during your later years. Healthy diet choices now can decrease chronic disease risk and increase your energy levels. Here’s how.

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Eating for Increased Energy

Food is fuel, plain and simple. Your body isn’t much different from a car in that regard – you get better mileage and better performance when you put the appropriate gas in the tank. What you eat has a direct effect on your energy levels, so follow these tips to keep that engine humming:

water infused with limeHydrating for Increased Well-being

Unlike our caloric needs, our hydration requirements don’t go down as we age. In fact, they might actually increase – at least in the sense of needing to be more intentional about drinking enough water. Why? Our sense of thirst declines with age, so as we get older we must make a more conscious effort to stay hydrated. Here’s why:

By Sarah Coulter, MS, RD, LD, regional clinical nutritional manager for Roper St. Francis


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