Wondering If You Need Joint Replacement?

emojis describing how joints may feel

emojis describing how joints may feel

Twisting, turning, standing, sitting, jumping, dancing, bending, walking….We can be hard on our joints, especially pivotal weight-bearing ones like knees and hips. And as we age, those hard-working joints sometimes wear out or get creaky and painful. More than two out of every five American adults report suffering from joint pain. The problem is that this pain can keep people from exercising and being active and mobile, which means general health can suffer, over and above dealing with stiffy and achy joints.

The good news is that orthopedic medicine has advanced significantly in the realm of joint replacement. “Today’s knee replacement surgery focuses on just replacing the surface of the joint, for example. Plus, modern anesthetic techniques make these procedures much less painful overall,” says Dr. Marshall Hay, orthopaedic surgeon.

But it is still major surgery, and it can be hard to know when to tough out the pain and hope it will eventually get better, or when to see your orthopaedist and be evaluated for possible intervention. That’s why Roper St. Francis Healthcare offers an easy, online assessment to help guide you in the right direction.

To see if you might be a candidate for hip or knee replacement surgery, take our free assessment. Or for more information, visit www.rsfh.com/partners/orthopaedics.

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