A Tasty Mac Hack for your Thanksgiving

Mac and Cheese

Mac and CheeseNo, we don’t mean that unwanted kind of Mac hack, where your laptop becomes imperiled. We’re talking a velvety cheesy one that will delight your tabletop and lighten up a favorite holiday side dish.

Macaroni and cheese is a go-to for chilly weather comfort food, plus it’s a crowd pleaser for all ages. This makes it a great addition to your Thanksgiving or holiday feast. Only you might not want the addition of all the extra fat and calories that’s baked into tradition mac and cheese recipes. Thankfully, we have a healthier hack that delivers all the flavor but not all the fat.

A classic mac and cheese recipe is laden with about 870 calories per serving as well as more than a day’s worth of saturated fat and more than one third of the sodium of the recommended daily intake. That doesn’t leave you much room for other yummy holiday favorites, much less dessert! But to achieve a creamy comfort-food effect without all that high fat, trade out sour cream for reduced-fat plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta. Bonus—all those substitute options are higher in protein too. Opt for whole wheat macaroni pasta, and to make it extra fitting for your Thanksgiving table, add in butternut squash puree to the cheese sauce for delicious, nutritious extra texture, flavor and fiber.

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Enjoy, guilt free and comfort-full!