3 Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

Photograph by Monkey Business Images

Fall is a fast-paced, festive time of year with Halloween, Thanksgiving and a hefty portion of the holiday season all included. With sweets at every turn and a calendar that’s filled to the brim (parties, shopping, traveling—oh my!), it can be all too easy to let your healthy habits slip. As you slide into the most wonderful time of the year, keep these wellness tips in mind:

Indulge on the holiday … not throughout the entire season. You don’t have to pass on granny’s pumpkin pie or banish trick-or-treating altogether; breaking bread (or in the latter case, KitKats) with your friends and family is an important part of socializing and celebrating. Plus, banishing all treats will only leave you feeling unsatisfied and less motivated to eat healthfully going forward. Instead of skipping treats, save your splurges for the special days themselves and concentrate on eating well the rest of the season.

Work for those splurges! With cheerful onlookers, crazy costumes and the occasional live band, holiday races are some of the most fun and festive events of the season. Sign the family up to run or walk a 5K (like the Turkey Day or Reindeer Run), take a long stroll through one of the Lowcountry’s verdant parks or host a game of kickball or touch football.

Pay attention to alcohol content. According to the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, rates of alcohol-related health problems have risen over the last decade even though sales have remained steady. How is this so? Consumers are increasingly choosing beverages with a higher alcohol content, research shows. If you choose to drink this holiday season, pay attention to what you’re sipping on in addition to how much you imbibe.