When Was the Last Time You Had a Checkup?

woman getting her annual checkup

Want to live a longer, healthier life? A regular checkup with your doctor will help. Read on to see if your health screenings are up to date for your age.
woman getting her annual checkup
As the old saying goes, prevention truly is the best medicine. And the best way to get a hefty dose of prevention is to see your primary care doctor for an annual checkup. Checkups ensure you are well, along with catching any health issues early when they are easier to treat.

It’s probably not too far-fetched to presume that your car, with its quarterly oil changes, and even your pet is receiving care more regularly than yourself. Maybe you are feeling just fine and believe you only need a doctor when you are under the weather or have an unexpected injury. This is the kind of thinking that could put you on the path to a chronic condition.

Establishing a relationship with a primary care doctor early and visiting them regularly helps you develop the trust and open communication that will allow you to more easily tackle any larger health issues later on.

Need even more incentive to make an appointment with a primary care doctor? Check out the list below of important health screenings you should have at your age. If it’s been awhile or if you’ve never had some of these tests, don’t fret – you can easily find the perfect Roper St. Francis Healthcare primary care doctor.




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    • Hi Judy, thank you for your question. We suggest talking to your healthcare provider for recommended lung screenings. Thank you again!

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