The healing power of the pen


Before cancer, Elizabeth described herself as a cellist, a mom and a real estate agent. Her instrument and ambition took her on a journey that has included performing in 26 countries, playing on albums with REM and Widespread Panic and recording music for TV and motion pictures such as Coneheads, The Simpsons and The Office.

When cancer struck, so did inspiration – to write poetry. Having never written before, she penned 236 poems while going through treatment.

Today, Elizabeth also describes herself as breast cancer survivor and poet. She hopes to encourage and uplift others struggling with the emotional challenges that accompany cancer.

A sample of Elizabeth’s poems



from the waterfalls in the verdant valleys
to the pools of repose in the mountain streams
calm salty bays of the aquamarine sea
gentle rain of enclosing comfort
soothing warm bath of knowledge
the baptism of healing water from all sources
coming to me in this time of need

I will journey through the sharp rocks and deadly paths
to get to your healing powers

cleanse me

wash over my sadness and distress
take away this insipid illness
in your cascades of healing

I will bask in the sleepy bay of the sea
water lapping into my consciousness
salt spray seeping into every facet of my being
the tidal movements are gentle
as they wash away all angst
settling into a peaceful floating presence
holding me up for support

I submerge into the peace

walking through the gentle waterfall
as it encloses me
washing all the pain away
coating my body with droplet armor to sustain me
a purification of invigorating newness
removing doubt and fear
as I watch my mental debris flow away

I move to the the gurgling stream
sitting in the pools of joyful effervescence
listening to the ebullient wisdom as it speaks to me
soothing sounds of affirmation
of pitches only heard by musical ears
of movement and journey
not in the false destination of swirling eddies
but in the eventual movement down the flow of water to the sea

the rain comes
cold drops of clarity waking me from a deep slumber of dread
opening my being to possibilities
of eventual grateful end of journey

my tears finally arrive
with water from all sources absorbed
they return to the earth again
flowing as if they will never end
a liquidation of held back emotions
torrents coming through the veil of blessed release
a tentative renewal of hope and positivity
to perhaps carry me through another day


Gentle rain in the dark night
Cleanse my being
Wash away all angst and pain
Renew me for another day
As it is still the winter of my existence

My life is in windswept territory
In fields that are stagnant, waiting
Desolate appearance of vast landscape with muted colors of cold
Wind unwilling to be tamed by the subtle promise of warmth
As it determinedly rearranges the expanse

My tentative footsteps are unheard, unseen
An invisible path to yet another unknown destination
An additional weary passage out of tribulation
Hanging onto a cliff grasping for the salvation of hope

There is such a fragility to all life
Temporal beings as we are
So many healing powers unused
The deep soul ignored
Listening to the silence forgotten
Our purpose misunderstood
Lost in our desires to find

Let me be gently guided by the wind-sculpted sea trees
By the light of the first rays of sunrise over the sparkling water
By the deep knowing of another chance for fulfillment
To reincarnate the amazing Me
To truly believe in the infinite possibilities of each day
In the mystery of all that can come to fruition
through my days left on this earth

Let me arrive at the future of a magical present time
Where I can flourish as I am meant to
Where life goes forward peacefully and purposefully
With a deep knowing presence
While the restorative breezes and rejuvenating seas
Hold me gently


happy birthday to me making it through another year of many tears and missing purpose only to survive

to live while inside I am slowly dying the fire going out despite some love not nearly enough

as each lonely night beckons

life continues strangely there is no normal big sorrows and little joys searching for release for rightside up after

upside down for too long

all riches are inside me the strength of my maternal line using every ounce I can and then some this seemingly endless source because you have to

women are good at this

the earth is still beautiful as I gather this early soft summer morning into my soul to keep forever as forever may be tomorrow

while still alive to see another dawn with a lfetime of riches accumulated lived until getting lost on the road of loss as happens

to all who care too much

trees hide the red flashing lights the pain and suffering of souls crying out to be free at last the agony of injustice and ignorance

someone has died overnight their cries begging me to love every moment to embrace everything I hold dear to hold it all in my heart to keep believing in why I am here

for I am a survivor