Diet Mistake: Jumping on a Fad Diet

THE FLAW: From Weight Watchers and Atkins to Whole 30, juice cleansing and on, there are countless diet plans promising fast, dramatic weight loss. “So often though, people who subscribe to a strict diet plan are left feeling like a failure when they put weight back on,” says Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dietitian Erin Castle. “I always tell my patients: You did not fail—the diet failed you. Fad diets are not individualized or sustainable; they don’t take into account your medical history, food preferences, medications, stress level, sleep quality, body composition, relationship with food, etc., like a comprehensive plan should.” 

THE FIX: “It’s better to focus on overall moderation than on cutting any food groups unless medically necessary,” says Castle. “Aim to get a healthy balance of all food groups throughout the day; eat mostly whole, unprocessed food; and don’t skip meals.” Most importantly, find a plan that you enjoy. “You need to be satisfied with what you eat so you can sustain it for life,” says Castle.

Photograph by Wayhome studio/shutterstock