Beating Cancer with Help from Angels

Pam, lung cancer survivor

Pam was feeling fine the day she found the lump on her neck. But a couple of days later, her breathing became extremely labored. She knew it was time to see her doctor.

“Dr. Beldner walked into the room, looked at me and said, ‘you have non-small cell lung cancer stage 3b,’ and I think the room went black for a minute and it spun. It was like I had no floor,” Pam recalls. Her daughter-in-law was pregnant with her third grandchild, and all she could think about was not being around to see her grow up. Pam had a reason to fight; and fight she would. Before her treatment was over, she found another lump. This time stage four.

That was seven years ago, and her granddaughter, who she calls her angel, is six. Learn more about Pam’s story below.