Doctor’s Note

Dr. Valerie Scott, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated primary care doctor, shares valuable advice gleaned from her 35-plus years in family medicine. Discover ways to maximize your relationship with your doctor, practice smart eating habits and make the most of your appointments

Doctor: Dr. Valerie Scott
Specialty: Primary Care

What I wish my patients knew about the doctor-patient partnership:  “Healthcare is collaborative. A patient’s input is really important in making the proper diagnosis and in choosing the best treatment. We appreciate it when you come to your appointments prepared with lists of questions or ideas. That’s the only way we can be sure to meet your needs. We don’t know those needs unless you tell us.”

I frequently recommend the book:  “Food Rules: An Eater,s Manual by Michael Pollan. This little guide contains great words of wisdom like, ‘It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car.’”

To live better every day: “Eat six to 10 fruits and vegetables a day. The red, yellow and orange vegetables are the most important group. That is a lot of chewing!”

I often say to my patients:  “There is more than one way to reach a health goal. Let’s work together to develop a plan that will work for you. Some people prefer to make serial changes and others will rip the Band-Aid off. Which are you?”

And remember: “Check to see if you need refills. Before your doctor’s appointment, look through your medicine cabinet to figure out if you are going to need any prescriptions refilled. It’s best to handle this during the visit to prevent mistakes.”

Photographs by (Dr. Scott) Kelly Baybutt; (vegetables) Denise I. Johnson