Doctor’s Note

For Dr. Paige Cisa, a college mission trip to Kenya underscored how impactful—and sensitive—basic gynecological care can be for women and teens. The Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated OB/GYN encourages women to embrace their health through open conversation with a doctor and whole-body wellness

What I wish my patients knew: “No question or topic is off-limits. Women often start with ‘This is so embarrassing…,’ but this is all I talk about at work. There’s nothing you can bring me that I haven’t seen before. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Everything is confidential, and raising a concern doesn’t automatically commit you to moving forward with treatment.”

Dr. Paige Cisa, Obstetrics & Gynecology

For her health, a woman needs to: “Take time for herself. We often spread ourselves too thin with multiple roles in the household and community. It’s good to empty your brain for a little while and absorb what’s happening in life.”

I recommend the website: “ for information on all types of contraceptives. This is a great resource with funny videos and good data in an easy-to-understand format, whereas Doctor Google might tell you that your IUD is lost in your brain.”

Let me set the record straight: “Many mistakenly view intimacy as sexual intercourse only, but mood, work and life all play into it. Some women also won’t admit to pain during sex until it gets really bad, even though the best time to troubleshoot is when you first notice an issue.”

Just remember: “It’s important to have a good relationship with at least one healthcare provider, someone who knows your ‘normal’ and can answer any questions. For plenty of women, that’s their OB/GYN.”

And, please: “Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes to cut down on your risk of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.”