My Birth Experience


Giving birth to my third child at Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital was a wonderful experience! Everything went well for both the baby and me thanks to the superb care we received from the doctors and staff. I have troubles with anemia, which resulted in a blood transfusion after my first son was delivered by c-section at a different hospital. Thankfully, my OB/GYN at Mount Pleasant Hospital, Dr. Lynch, monitored me closely throughout my pregnancy so I had a smooth delivery. She really cares about her patients!

Delivering your baby at -baby friendly- Mount Pleasant Hospital is a unique and wonderful experience. Their methods provide newborns a gentle, comfortable, safe environment as they meet their new world.

Immediately after the c-section delivery, the nurses put my new baby girl on my chest for skin-to-skin bonding time and let her stay there while the doctors were still working on me. It felt amazing to have my baby girl right there with me so soon! She was happy, too. As long as I was holding and talking to her, she didn’t cry. She stayed on me, skin-to-skin, as they wheeled us to our room. Everything from her hearing test to her first bath and weight check were done in our room. It was incredible!

Skin-to-skin was good not only for my comfort, but my baby’s as well. It lowered my blood pressure and quieted my infant. The nurses informed me that skin-to-skin has other benefits, like regulating the baby’s temperature. I really enjoyed the feeling of closeness.

The nurses made us feel comfortable and welcome. They wrote “Enjoy your new baby!” followed by my baby’s name on the whiteboard in my room. They always referred to her by name instead of just “the baby.” One of the nurses even took the time to ink my baby’s foot and make keepsake footprints.

Something that I also felt was very important was the level of care and knowledge demonstrated by my lactation consultant, Albanie. She was amazing! My daughter had a difficult time learning to latch and Albanie always knew just what to do. She was very encouraging and patient. She spent a lot of time with us, and checked in on us many times. All of the nurses placed high value on breastfeeding, and helped me to stick with it despite the issues my baby and I were having in trying to get it right. It was reassuring to know that all of the nurses were well-informed on breastfeeding and so supportive of it.

I’m very happy to have experienced a baby-friendly hospital. Thank-you Mount Pleasant Hospital!!!

By Amanda M., a patient with Mt. Pleasant OB/GYN