Surviving a Widow Maker Heart Attack

Philip Floyd

Philip Floyd was at home when he suddenly dropped with what is often called a widow maker heart attack. “He was rushed to the hospital where he coded several times,” recalls his wife Rhonda. “The doctors came out and told me that he wouldn’t survive. At that point we were just trying to keep him alive long enough for our daughter to come up from Florida to say goodbye.”

Philip was put in a medically induced coma and miraculously he started to recover. However, as he came out of the coma, a blood clot was released causing a massive stroke. “Philip was a very healthy, active person. We were head long into our life and this changed everything,” said Rhonda.

As a pastor, Philip served on many mission trips, but now he needed serving. When he came to the Roper Rehabilitation Hospital he couldn’t walk and needed to relearn everyday things like brushing his teeth and washing his hair. “They let me stay with him in his room,” said Rhonda. “We’d just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary when this happened and to be there for him and with him was priceless. Most of the time I crawled into his hospital bed and slept with him,” said Rhonda. Staying with him also gave Rhonda the opportunity to learn how to better care for Philip when he came home.

During his three weeks in the Roper Rehab Hospital Philip made incredible advances. “I’m a type-A personality, and I appreciated being pushed by the therapists,” said Philip. “My goal was to walk. I came into rehab in a wheelchair and went out walking on my own,” said Philip.

Today, Philip and Rhonda have recently welcomed two new grandbabies. They are enjoying their time with them and each other, along with a renewed outlook on life that includes letting go of worry and being joyful.