Get an A+ for Healthy Teacher Gifts

mason jar filled with yogurt, fruit and granola

Basket of healthy fruitFinding the right end-of-the-year teacher gift can be as difficult a scramble as getting your 2nd grader to the bus on time. Obviously, parents owe the sweet and patient teacher their right arm after she/he stayed late to help struggling Sammie with his word problems, and bent over backwards to rescue darling Tanisha’s spelling fiascos, not to mention the efficient way she dealt with fussy Noah’s little attention issue.

So what is the best way to say “thank you” without either: A) going overboard or over budget; B) being unoriginal (Starbucks gift card, anyone?); or C) putting the sweet and patient teacher into a sugar coma or bouquet sneezing fit?

Here are some gift suggestions that will show your teachers how much you appreciate them by helping them be their healthiest self.



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