Sports Injury Kickoff Season

kids playing football

The start of the school year means it’s fall sports season – time to put bright new bulbs in the Friday night lights (and find the lids to all your kids’ water bottles). Football teams have been practicing for weeks now, as have most cross country teams, tennis players, volleyball players, cheerleaders and numerous other middle and high school athletes. But some athletes (student or adult), especially if they are new to a sport, may still be in the slightly rusty phase, trying to get up to competition speed. This is a particularly sensitive time when people are prone for sports injuries.

kids playing football

Mark Rutledge, Senior Regional Director with Roper St. Francis Physical Therapy, Powered by ATI, offers a few tips for easing into the season:

And if you or your student athlete do suffer from sports injury, Roper St. Francis has plenty of resources to get you back in action. Learn more about our sports medicine program or schedule an appointment.