New Year, New Baby? 4 Tips for Healthy Family Planning

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If expanding your family is one of your upcoming New Year’s goals or resolutions, we’ve got some tips to help give your new addition the best possible start. A healthy pregnancy begins before you get pregnant, so here are four tips for happy and healthy family planning.

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    1. Find an OB/GYN and Schedule a Visit
      It’s important to have a care provider you trust and can relate to, and that’s particularly true for women expecting babies. Pregnancy is an exciting time but even healthy pregnancies have their share of worry and anxiety, so it’s critical to have a doctor you feel comfortable with. If you don’t already have an OB/GYN, don’t wait until you are pregnant to find one. “The earlier you can establish care, the better,” says Dr. Lindsay Foley of Roper St. Francis Physician Partners OB/GYN.
    1. Do a Med Check
      Women who are thinking about pregnancy or actively trying to conceive should make sure that any prescription or over-the-counter medications they take are compatible with pregnancy. “Some common medications for diabetes, blood pressure or mood conditions like anxiety or depression are not safe to take during pregnancy,” says Dr. Foley. So the earlier you can make adjustments after talking with your doctor, the better.
    1. Review your Diet and Exercise Habits
      Eating a well-balanced diet is always important, but especially if you’re planning on conceiving. A woman’s weight (both being obese or underweight) can impact fertility, so be sure to discuss these concerns with your doctor. But also begin to moderate things like alcohol as you approach pregnancy, and once pregnancy is achieved, avoid alcohol altogether and limit caffeine. You’ll also want to be wary of high mercury levels in some fish. Exercise should also be a priority, as it helps optimize fertility and will help moms-to-be maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.
    1. Tune in to your Body
      Discontinuing birth control is obviously a first step toward seeking to become pregnant, but that means having to tune in to your natural cycles as they readjust to help determine your ovulation times. In general, Dr. Foley and others suggest the best plan is to stay as relaxed and healthy as possible, and let the body do its thing. Eighty-five percent of couples conceive within a year of having sex every other day in the fertile window, notes Dr. Foley.

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