Treat Yourself—Today!

Research shows that self care—or engaging in activities that feed our own mental, emotional and physical health—can decrease stress, improve sleep and increase productivity levels and feelings of joy. But for many, the thought of working time for oneself into a day that’s filled with meetings and family obligations can be stress inducing in itself. Fortunately, you don’t have to fit an hour-long yoga class or bath into your day to reap the benefits of this buzzy trend. Here are three simple ways to practice self-care today:

Read for five minutes. Even in short spurts, reading is linked with a myriad of benefits, including increased levels of creativity, empathy and intelligence, as well as a decrease in anxiety.

Up your soap game. Hand washing is a staple of good hygiene, especially during winter’s cold and flu season. Use that time to boost your mental health, as well, by lathering up with hand soap infused with lavender—aromatherapy of which studies show can ease stress.

Eat a nutritious meal. In a world where so much is uncertain (the weather, the challenges that come your way at work, etc.), isn’t it empowering that
you’re in control over what you eat? It’s a choice that has an immediate effect on your energy levels, and, over the long-term, can impact your risk for disease. Flip to page 16 for two healthy orders from a local fast-casual restaurant then to page 43 for four nutrient-rich, plant-heavy recipes for at-home cooking.