Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank You

Committing to healthy habits can be hard, especially since some of the weightiest rewards of eating well, exercising regularly, watching your weight and abstaining from tobacco and heavy drinking are cumulative and offer delayed gratification. A January 2020 study by Harvard University researchers provides some serious statistical motivation for you to keep up with those five all-important lifestyle habits this season and beyond.

1. To determine how many disease-free years those healthy habits can add to a person’s life, researchers analyzed data from more than 111,000 adults over roughly three decades.

2. Men who reported having four or five of those healthy habits lived an average of 31 years without disease after age 50, compared to an average of 23 disease-free years after 50 among participants who had none.

3. Women with four or five of the healthy habits lived an average of 34 more years disease-free past 50, compared to 24 more years among women with none.