Hit the Surf!

After months spent mostly homebound, you may have a particularly strong itch to immerse yourself in nature this summer and/or to break out of your regular routine. If so, consider surfing: a full-body exercise that feels more like playtime than a workout, and that delivers a host of mental perks along with muscle toning.

The Benefits

Know Before You Go:

Where to surf: Most locals will say that The Washout on Folly Beach (a house-less strip of East Ashley Avenue past 13th Street East) offers the best surf. Elsewhere on Folly and Isle of Palms, steady, smaller waves can be expected.

How to learn: Many surf shops on Folly Beach, Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island offer classes. Or try Isla Surf School, Carolina Salt Surf Lessons or Shaka Surf School.

Photograph courtesy of Isla Surf School, by Clay Austin