Lather Up!

The point of soap is basic: to cleanse our skin from dirt and bacteria. But choosing a bottle from the endless options on the market? That’s another story. We chatted with a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dermatologist to simplify the matter 

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, hand-washing has been top of mind over the past year. Add winter—AKA cold and flu season—to the mix and we’re all spending extra time scrubbing (or hopefully so!). There’s no doubt about the importance of washing hands; when you suds up, surfactants, or surface-acting agents, cling to oils, dead skin and contaminants, helping loosen them so they can be washed away with water. But with countless options on the market, a person can get downright dizzy scanning the soap aisle. Here, Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dermatologist Todd Schlesinger cuts through the confusion.

Looking to up your soap game? Dr. Schlesinger shares his favorites:

Photograph (hands) by Avijit Bouri/shutterstock

Written by Molly Ramsey

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