Surf & Salad at The Kingstide

Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Jillian Morgan recently caught a fresh meal at this airy newcomer to the Daniel Island waterfront. Discover which dishes she selected and why:

“I like to try a variety of things at new restaurants,” says Morgan, who ordered two dishes from the seafood-centric menu. “Fish is less dense than some meats. Since I opted for the seared tuna as my main course, I figured starting with the grilled kale might be more satiating.” The appetizer and entrée combo had the dietitian full but not overstuffed.

“I’m a big fan of kale salads for their hearty texture,” she says. “Plus, the grilled kale’s light yogurt dressing let the greens shine.” Rich colors mark high nutrient content in produce, and this cruciferous veg’s deep green hue signals lots of vitamins and minerals.

Spiced hazelnuts and homemade croutons give this substantial salad a satisfying crunch. Like kale, hazelnuts are an excellent source of the trace mineral manganese, used to metabolize protein, carbs and cholesterol. “The bread bites added a starch boost (think quick fuel) to the meal,” says Morgan.

For protein, which helps a meal feel satisfying, Morgan chose seared tuna. “Many fish provide omega-3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA, for eye and brain health,” explains the dietitian. 

The tuna arrived on a bed of bok choy and mushrooms with a refreshing oyster vinaigrette. Cabbage family members such as bok choy and kale pack beaucoup vitamins: A for eyesight as well as cell, heart, lung and kidney support; C for the production of collagen, among other things, and K for blood and bone health.

Tip: The seared tuna dish contains undercooked seafood, so pregnant women should turn to a different menu option.

The Kingstide
32 River Landing Dr., Daniel Island
(843) 216-3832

Photograph by Kit MacAvoy