Not Your Average Joe



For a leisurely brunch or midweek breakfast, coffee shops such as this quaint Park Circle café offer a blend of charm and sustenance. But finding a healthy morning meal from a menu buzzing with indulgent beverages and baked goods can be tricky. Learn how Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Erin Miles navigates an order:

On coffeehouse outings, Miles usually seeks a savory egg dish such as a sandwich, wrap or, in this case, quiche. “The protein content keeps me full longer, as opposed to a sweetened baked good with more refined grains and less protein.”

Quiche is typically a rich dish made with ingredients higher in saturated fat, such as butter, heavy cream and whole-fat cheese. To reduce her saturated fat intake, the dietitian opted for the spinach-feta slice, which starred a non-starchy vegetable rather than a breakfast meat.

“I enjoy flavoring in my coffee, but don’t like it too sweet,” says Miles, who ordered an iced latte with half of the usual amount of toasted pecan syrup. She also recommends leaning on sugar-free syrups and coffee brewed with flavored beans.

With plenty of fat already in the quiche, the dietitian chose a low-fat, plant-based creamer over cow’s milk. Oat milk provides a decent source of calcium, riboflavin and vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins A and D paired well with the dietary fats in the quiche.

People with low iron should note that the tannins in coffee and tea can inhibit absorption of plant-based or “non-heme” iron, such as that found in spinach. Iron is a main component of red blood cells, which help carry oxygen throughout the body.

Choosing Sides: The dietitian suggests ordering fruit with breakfast when possible. “Fresh fruit adds brightness and texture to a meal plus fiber to help you feel satiated.”

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