Diet Mistake: Starting the Day with Too Little Fuel

Photograph By Mironov Vladimir

THE FLAW: In the morning, we’re often too focused on preparing for the day to prioritize a meal. By evening, we feel overly hungry and are more likely to snack or give in to cravings. “Patients often tell me they ‘do really well in the morning but struggle at night’,” explains Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Erin Miles. “They blame themselves for not having more self-control at the end of the day, but the body is trying to make up for what was missed earlier by asking for quick energy and overeating.”

THE FIX: Instead of eating an incomplete breakfast that won’t carry you to lunch—or skipping breakfast altogether—make adjustments to help meet the body’s needs by the end of the day. “Your best bet is to incorporate two to three food groups in the morning, ideally including protein, unsaturated fat and fiber, which take longer to digest and help you feel satiated. Whole-grain toast with avocado and an egg, for example.”