Diet Mistake: Failing to Plan Ahead

THE FLAW: Our days are so packed with work, school, family, friends, chores and fitness that there’s little time to make proper food choices. “If we have to make impromptu decisions when hunger strikes, the quickest, most convenient foods become very tempting, but they’re often not aligned with our nutritional goals,” says Megan Shanahan, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian.

THE FIX: Schedule time in your week to write out a healthy meal and snack plan for the coming days. Then, make a grocery list, shop and prep meals before your busy schedule kicks up. “Packing breakfast and lunch the night before has been a game changer in my routine,” shares Shanahan. She advises finding ways to enjoy the planning routine. “Grab a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, seek out new recipes, involve your family in meal prep and make smart use of leftovers. The amazing feeling of sticking to your health goals will create momentum to continue.”