Mighty & Meatless

PHOTOGRAPHY BY by Lillie Sauls

From this quirky, unassuming eatery tucked at the Edge of America, a rotating global menu transports patrons to South Asia and beyond. Learn how Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Erin Miles curated a recent vegetarian order to ensure enough protein:

The Folly Beach dive is known for creative curries, and Miles was intrigued by the red lentil option, which includes carrots, green onions and fresh herbs in a mildly spicy coconut and tomato sauce with white rice.

The dietitian didn’t add meat, since lentils and rice together form a complete protein (checking every essential amino acid). “Anyone trying to limit meat can pair foods in this way to gain protein without animal products.” Protein helps build muscle, supports a healthy metabolism and aids in wound healing.

Miles sampled the pita, but left most on the plate. “The rice was enough starch for me.” Rather than eating until she felt too full, she took home a portion of her curry for the next day.

To check off more food groups and round out her meal, the dietitian shared the burrata plate with a friend. Alongside the fresh cow’s milk cheese were spinach, peaches and heirloom tomatoes. “I asked my server to hold the crackers.”

Miles sipped a mango sparkling water with dinner. “This refreshing bubbly water contained just a few ingredients and only three grams of added sugar.” To stay under the Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommended daily limit of 48 grams of added sugar, Miles looks for products with fewer than five grams per serving.

Jack of Cups Saloon
34 Center St., Folly Beach
(843) 633-0042