When to Go Where? Emergency Room vs Express Care.

Goodness knows when you’re facing an urgent health crisis, the last thing you need is more confusion. So here’s a cheat sheet to help you know when the Emergency Room is needed, or when you’d get the care you need at Express Care.

NOTE: If you do need to go to the ER, don’t hop in the car, call 9-1-1. CALLING AN AMBULANCE IS SAFER. Emergency responders are trained to stabilize patients and can provide care on the way to the hospital.
Roper St. Francis Express Care is an ideal option when you’re not facing a life-threatening emergency. Express Care is much less expensive but offers excellent care and you can just walk in.
Opt for Express Care for the following health concerns:

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One response to “When to Go Where? Emergency Room vs Express Care.”

  1. My brother recently cut his finger. Luckily, it wasn’t too serious, but it made me wonder when it would be appropriate to take somebody to the emergency room. I didn’t realize an adult experiencing a loss of consciousness should always be taken to the ER. I’ll be sure to remember that information in the future.

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