Ride the Tide

CONTRIBUTOR Megan Shanahan, RD, LD

This casually upscale fish and raw bar invites diners on a culinary cruise along the South Atlantic. Anchored by a bounty of fresh seafood, including shellfish favorites and unexpected catches, the shareable menu celebrates the vibrant fare of Bexley’s coastal home. Find out which plates Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Megan Shanahan enjoyed during her recent dinner date.

“Seafood is my restaurant go-to, since it has many vitamins and minerals, is typically low in saturated fat and offers lean protein,” says Shanahan. Because she is pregnant, the dietitian steered away from raw seafood on this occasion but recommends the tuna poke bowl or tuna crudo for omega-3 fatty acids and oysters for zinc.

At the server’s urging, Shanahan and her husband shared an appetizer of milk bread with sorghum butter, Bexley’s riff on the classic bread and butter. “I’m usually mindful of starchy foods when dining out but allowed myself this unique indulgence while at a new-to-me restaurant.”

“With its peanut-chili crunch topping, the lobster roll piqued my interest,” says the dietitian. The crustacean boasts lots of omega-3 fatty acids to support joint, heart and brain health. “Lobster also delivers zinc, which most of us don’t get enough of.” This essential micronutrient is critical for metabolism, protein synthesis, wound healing and immune health.

A side of crispy Brussels sprouts dotted with bell peppers rounded out her meal. The cruciferous veg is packed with fiber, folate and vitamins A, K and C. In addition, Brussels sprouts have significant levels of the nutrient quercetin, which promotes healthy aging, boosts immunity and combats inflammation.

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