Dr. Autumn Shobe discusses the importance of breast cancer screening


To recognize Cancer Prevention Month, Roper St. Francis Healthcare cancer surgeons and oncologists call attention to the importance of routine cancer screening in a series of interviews. 

Surgical Oncologist Dr. Autumn Shobe contributes to Roper St. Francis Healthcare’s National Cancer Prevention Month series by advising on breast cancer prevention tips and screening recommendations.  

Dr. Shobe’s first prevention tip is to start with a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight for your height, fitting daily exercise into your routine and not smoking.  

She also noted the importance of speaking with your doctor about your family history to identify high-risk factors and start elevated surveillance programs, as needed, to catch breast cancer early.  

“It’s incredibly important to catch breast cancer early. It really opens up a lot of treatment options,” said Dr. Shobe. “We do know that Stage 1 breast cancer has an excellent prognosis, so the earlier we catch it the better and the easier the treatment will be.” 

According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year breast cancer-specific survival rate for those with a localized breast cancer prognosis is 99 percent. 

Annual mammogram screenings are essential for early detection. Dr. Shobe recommends starting at age 40 for average-risk individuals. For patients who are at high risk, she recommends starting those even earlier.